Paper Pumpkin is known far and wide for their monthly craft kits for adults, but this month our craft box is all about card-making for kids. Kids love craft projects, and when you feed their creativity early on, it grows into a lifelong love of crafting that your family can share together.

Greeting Card Ideas for Kids

It is likely that at some point or another, your child made you a card at school. Kids are so proud when they present their art projects to you as gifts! Whether it was for Mother’s Day, your birthday or another occasion, the cards our kids make for us become true treasures.

When a child makes a card at school, it’s often under the direction of an art teacher, who has carefully planned a lesson around the project. With Paper Pumpkin’s kids card-making kit, your child gets a similar benefit, because the craft box contains everything they need to make adorable popsicle stick cards.

Kids’ Card-Making Kit

Our card-making kit for children contains easy-to-understand instructions with pictures, and kids can also watch a demonstration on YouTube of an adult making the card so they understand what they need to do.

Your children will love our card kits for kids because they can easily make beautiful cards with high-quality results, right at home. If your child has been going to school virtually, there’s a lot they miss about being in school with others, not the least of which is doing fun art projects such as DIY cards for kids.



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Popsicle Shaped Cards

At this point, the last thing you probably have time for is creating and teaching more lessons and pre-cutting supplies for art projects. With Paper Pumpkin, you don’t have to do any of that. Older children can complete the project on their own, and it’s easy for you to sit down and lend a helping hand to younger ones. You never have to worry that you won’t have the right supplies, because we include everything in our card-making kit for kids.

Your kids can make these popsicle cards to send to anyone for any occasion. However, this is a great opportunity to allow them to make a popsicle Mother’s Day card or a popsicle Father’s Day card, since both of those holidays are just around the corner. The hard part for your kids will be not giving them to you immediately!

Monthly Craft Box Subscriptions

If you’re reading this, you probably love crafting, and you want to pass on that love and creativity to your kids. You may scour the internet after you tuck your kids in looking for greeting card ideas for kids to make or other stamping and paper crafting projects for kids.

Crafting a great way to spend quality time together with your kids while also teaching them valuable skills. But with a Paper Pumpkin craft box, you don’t have to do as much work, because we did it for you. We understand what your life is like, and we want to help.

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